Time difference: Between Switzerland and the USA, is 6-9 hours. (When most people are going to bed in Switzerland it is early afternoon in the USA) So, although we do try our best, customers in the US may get a reply only on the following working day due to the time difference between Switzerland and USA

Files which are larger than 3MB are rejected by our server. Should files to be sent be larger than 3MB, we should be informed of this in advance.

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Demo users have restricted support. Our resources are limited and hence, although we would like to help everybody, we must concentrate on our registered customers.

Using the telephone has shown to be little effective and quite expensive. Too much time is lost trying to find the adequate partner and clarifying what is the motive of your call. On top of that, time difference and language problems makes it even worse. That is why we waive support by telephone. If you really need telephone support (ONLY registered customers and products over U$ 200.00) email us and we will try to get the appropriate person on the phone at an agreed on time.


Please visit our FAQ-page to find answers to frequently-asked questions. We try our best to keep this page current and respond to as many questions as possible.
CONTACT US is the best way to communicate with us : per email and in english. We will try to answer ASAP (we mean it!)
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Support is granted for 30 days after purchase free of charge.
When reporting a problem with our software, your report should include:
     - A reproducible explanation of the issue
     - The original document which causes the problem
     - The output file created be the original document
     - The application used in case of non-standard applications
     - Name of licensee
     - Registration number of licensee